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This BLT takes Dawn Farms’ perfect crispy bacon and delicious ripe tomato and gives them an Italian twist with umami boosted sundried tomato bread and a light and fragrant basil mayo. These flavours help deepen and lift the salty savoury flavour of the bacon giving a multisensory experience.


  • 2 x slice sundried tomato bread
  • 4 x slice Dawn Farms’ Full Slice Bacon
  • 3 x slice ripe tomato
  • 2 x leaf Boston bib lettuce
  • 2 x tbsp basil mayonnaise


  1. Take two slices of the sundried tomato bread and spread a tablespoon of basil mayo in each side.
  2. Top the bottom half with the fresh lettuce followed by the slices of tomato. 
  3. Finish with four generous slices of bacon – bacon can be added directly to sandwich or heated in microwave or oven for 10 - 30 seconds to make it extra crispy.
  4. Top sandwich with the second slice of sundried tomato bread.
  5. Cut in half and enjoy!

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