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Available to foodservice, Aviko’s SuperCrunch Pure & Rustic Chips are made with superior spuds, which lock in flavour. With irregular cut sizes and the skin left on, they have a rustic, natural look.

Mohammed Essa, commercial director UK & Ireland, said: “Aviko is proud to add another delicious solution to its foodservice portfolio. There’s a huge opportunity for operators to offer chips that are premium, crispy and appear homemade, so the launch of Aviko SuperCrunch Pure & Rustic means there is a real solution that can help operators boost profits and satisfy customer cravings.”

Available now in 2.5kg format, Aviko’s SuperCrunch Pure & Rustic Chips are gluten free and vegan friendly, have a shelf life of 24 months and can be prepared in both the oven or fryer, ensuring versatile preparation to suit busy kitchens and all menus.

Essa continued: “Now more than ever, kitchens need to focus on cost-savings, reduce food waste and make menus work harder through stocking versatile ingredients. With chips the side of choice for so many dishes, this will help chefs and caterers everywhere make the most of consumer demand for quality and value when eating out.”

The new chips are perfect for delivery too, thanks to their SuperCrunch coating which promises a long holding time and guaranteed crunch on arrival. When considering that 81% of consumers would order chips more often if they knew that they would arrive crunchy*, plus the increase of +115% of pubs and restaurants offering delivery since Covid**, Aviko’s SuperCrunch Pure & Rustic are a win-win product.
*Toluna Survey / **Lumina Food Strategy Forum Q1