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Baron Bigod

Baron Bigod was quickly identified as the all-important fine cheese compatriot, a food union that brought one of rural Suffolk’s most treasured foodie heroes into Made for Drink’s snacking orbit. Baron Bigod is a proud squidgy cheese in the Brie-de-Meaux style; a small batch artisanal offering that uses only the freshest morning milk from its highly prized Montbeliarde herd, because ‘early hours’ milk is the perfect temperature for fine cheese production.

Made for Drink founder, Dan Featherstone, said: “Baron Bigod has become a regular Thursday night companion on the Featherstone cheeseboard, a newfound favourite among friends and family. Everyone in our fine snacking huddle adores this cheese’s deliciously distinct nutty rind and the fresh buttery, yet earthy texture. When English Heritage challenged me to produce a cheese and onion crisp that celebrated England’s finest cheese wisdom, I knew precisely who to talk to!”

Made for Drink is now aligned with a fine cheese luminary who will not only help the business press forwards within the On-trade, indie wholesalers and discerning food halls, but also grow their profile within the UK’s flourishing fine deli and cheese hall estates; establishments that once-upon-a-time might have been a tad sniffy about the rethinking of this treat.

“When Dan from Made for Drinks got in touch with us, we were so pleased that they wanted to use our cheese to make crisps,” said Iona, sales manager at Fen Farm Dairy. “We then got a sample back from Dan, which was the powder flavouring, before it was added to crisps – we were blown away! They are a savoury, gourmet delight that combines the creamy and indulgent flavours of the cheese with the crispy, flavourful notes of caramelised onion.”