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Nearly two years on from its introduction, we examine the continuing impact of Natasha’s Law, innovative strategic projects, the latest technology and a selection of new products.


The Hawkhurst Breadshed has an eye for detail – from punchy flavours to a striking presentation on the shelf. As manager Lauren Smith puts it: ‘Customers eat with their eyes.’

Based in Marden, Kent, Hawkhurst Breadshed makes and delivers fresh, handmade sandwiches to schools, shops and other businesses in the surrounding area. Very much a family enterprise, Lauren’s father, Julian, set up in 2018 after selling his village shop. He has been running things ever since, with his daughter coming on board in 2020. Lauren’s aunt is based in the kitchen and her uncle drives one of the five delivery vans.

We caught up with Lauren to discover how changes the business implemented for Natasha’s Law – including the introduction of new roll labels and upgrading to labelling software from Planglow – helped ramp-up sales, as well as comply with legislation.


Lauren has been managing the Hawkhurst Breadshed for three years. Responsible for the core team of six kitchen workers (plus additional staff at weekends and other peak seasonal periods), she enures that orders are delivered on time and to exceptional standards. No mean feat for the tight-knit team which makes 2,000+ generously filled sandwiches (not to mention a host of other treats and snacks) every day.

When Natasha’s Law was introduced in 2021, all businesses offering food or drink pre-packaged for direct sale (PPDS) had to include full ingredient declarations on packs, with allergens highlighted in bold. At the time, many small businesses were concerned about meeting the legislation, fearing it would prove to be challenging and costly. For Hawkhurst, however, it became an opportunity, as Lauren explained: “We have thrived since Natasha’s Law because we got on top of it. Some other businesses stopped when it was introduced. But we smashed it.”

The Hawkhurst Breadshed signed up to LabelLogic Live, a multi-award-winning food labelling app from packaging and labelling experts Planglow. The innovative system allowed them to create legally compliant food labels online and stay ahead of legislative changes.

Hawkhurst Breadshed used square labels previously, but switched to Planglow’s Simply Natural Nutri Roll Label, as this presented a more efficient solution for their large-volume operation. In fact, roll labels have been the biggest game-changer, as Lauren revealed: “It’s all second nature now. I love the fact that it’s simple to use with an easy layout.”

Using the labelling app also supports Lauren’s father in finding new business, safe in the knowledge that everything is under control. “Many of our suppliers are already in LabelLogic Live, so it’s easy to create new flavours as you don’t have to type in all the ingredients,” shared Lauren. “LabelLogic Live highlights the allergens in bold. I also highlight it when we add a new ingredient to our products to make customers aware.”


Through LabelLogic Live the business can add as much information as required. What’s more, having the ingredients and other data locked and loaded in the app helps to guarantee accuracy and food safety by reducing opportunity for human error.

Like many similar businesses, Hawkhurst has a lot of details they need to share with customers. However, Lauren can easily fit all she needs on her roll labels, as these have been especially designed to accommodate what’s required for Natasha’s Law. And when changes are needed, these can be made quickly and hassle-free in the template section of LabelLogic Live.

Another benefit is the aspect of control – not only with regards to who accesses the data, but where and when labels may be created. Lauren has set her user permissions at two levels, each with their own login. This means that her team has restricted access, while she retains overarching authority. What’s more, because the app is online, it offers complete flexibility – meaning Lauren can create labels at home on her iPad.


Hawkhurst’s sandwiches are boxed in various plant-based packs from Planglow, underpinning the Breadshed’s quality offering. “Our customers love the natural colour,” said Lauren. “They look nice and attractive on the shelf. People buy more in great packaging.”

Planglow’s Natural Peel & Seal Wedge is a firm favourite. Hawkhurst uses it for longer-life sandwiches – a perfect match for their trademark deep-fill, such as the New Yorker. Both wedges are spot on for high-volume producers like Hawkhurst. They are fully lined with smart, cellulose laminates, so that even the most generous of fillings stay super-fresh. Planglow’s Natural Tortilla Tuck-top Wrap Pack comes into its own for wraps, while the Blanco Multi-bag offers customers a crystal-clear view of snacks packaged inside.

Planglow’s expert team are always there to help. “Sally (a dedicated account manager) is supportive and helpful – and always gets straight on the phone,” said Lauren. “She recommended that we switch to the roll printer to improve efficiency. When we started using it, there was something wrong with the printing, but Sally sorted it straight away. Live chat is helpful too, offering peace of mind.”

Talking to Lauren, it’s plain to see that Hawkhurst’s success stems very much from the little things. “People eat with their eyes. I want them to see the product and want to buy it. It’s these details that matter,” she said.