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Double Smoke and Jamaican Jerk mini pots

A leading manufacturer of foodservice pre-mixes, Middleton Foods has extended its range of Mini Pots, with the addition of two new glazes – Double Smoke and Jamaican Jerk. There are now 15 varieties of culinary glaze, offering caterers a comprehensive choice of seasonings, inspired by some of the world’s most popular cuisines.

The new Double Smoke Glaze Mini Pot combines a blend of herbs with specially selected spices and hardwood smoke, resulting in a vibrant glaze, with a unique smoke profile. The sweet and spicy rub delivers distinct smoky notes, in true South American style. It’s the perfect choice for menus seeking to replicate the outdoor flavours of cooking over a barbecue or smoker, without an open fire.

With its bespoke blend of aromatic sweet spices, the new Jamaican Jerk Glaze Mini Pot delivers an authentic, medium-hot taste. The fusion of flavours ensures a traditional taste of the distinctly lively Jerk seasoning, made popular because of its warm, piquant flavour with subtly sweet, smoky and salty undertones.

Each Mini Pot variety comes in a quick and easy-to-use format. Simply coat meat, poultry or fish with the dry glaze and leave to marinate for approximately 15 minutes. For a more intense depth of flavour, leave the spice mix to penetrate the meat for longer. Oven-bake, grill or BBQ in accordance with the required cooking time. Juices will be drawn out by the glaze, making meat extra succulent, with a sauce-like appearance.

Middleton Foods’ Mini Pots are available in the 110g size. The family owned and operated business proudly manufactures products in the heart of the UK, using modern machinery, combined with the latest manufacturing techniques.